A unique affiliate opportunity.

The difference between CPAGO and other CPA networks is that we work directly with Network Marketing companies. These are companies with exceptional products they wish to promote to the widest possible audience.

We help these companies move beyond the MLM and Network Marketing Advertising Ghetto.

Our plan is without peer.

We charge Affiliates a flat one-time $100 for a CPAGOPASS.

The CPAGOPASS entitles an Affiliate to a 50 percent reduction in the cost of all CPAGO advertising products.

The CPAGOPASS  also qualifies the Affiliate to earn a whopping $50 commission on each CPAGOPASS sale they make.

An Affiliate may be part of a network marketing company we are working with. In which case their cost for advertising in the company's product campaigns are cut in half.

If an Affiliate also actively markets our CPAGOPASS,  the result a potentially lucrative income along with massive savings.

We will always have campaigns in progress. Affiliates can enter any campaign for which they qualify. If we are engaged in a Greenwood Health Systems campaign, for example, an Affiliate will also need to be a member of Greenwood health.

Many of our CPA campaigns can be entered directly through CPAGO.

Affiliates who are also Publishers will receive extra income.

EXAMPLES: In a campaign where  responses cost $10,  Affiliates would pay $5.  In a Test Campaign  when the anticipated pricing was at the same level, Affiliates would have the opportunity to enter at between $2 and $4 per response. Publisher Affiliates would have advance knowledge of forthcoming campaigns and would be paid above standard publisher rates on all advertising they elect to run.

How we will operate:

In general, CPAGO will offer Response Packages in increments of 25 to 100.  Payments for Response Packages for any campaign  must be in advance.

Please Pay below. You will then be returned to our signup page.

If you wish to be a publisher without the added benefits  Sign Up HERE.

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